Surefire Ways to Save Money On a Tight Budget


Having a savings mindset is the best thing for someone to adopt. Many people are struggling with their finances and find it hard to stay out of deb. They often struggle to find spare money to save.


Saving is a sacrifice and without planning, you will never have spare money. It is vital to come up with a few ways to save money on a tight budget. This way, you can still save even if you are struggling to maintain a comfortable life.

Note Your Expenses

Saving money on any type of budget requires you to take a systematic approach to your finances. It’s important to start by figuring out how much you spend each month. Keep track of all your expenses, down to the last penny.

Once you have all your expenses written down, group them into categories and get the totals for each of them. There are now many digital apps to help you and they will automatically synchronize your online accounts and categorize your expenses.

Cut Down Frivolous Spending

If you are living on a budget, try and find ways to reduce your monthly spending. This might require you to make some serious lifestyle changes, but will be worth it in the long run.

Find all the expenses for things that you do not need, such as entertainment, and frivolous subscriptions and memberships that you do not need, especially if they renew automatically.

Resort to more cooking at home rather than eating out and go for community-based entertainment facilities that are free. If you are the type to make non-essential purchases, avoid buying them hastily and take time to reflect on whether you need them or not.

Set Savings Goals

These little tweaks will help you free some money and now you can channel this into savings. Set a goal for a certain amount to save by a specific time and see how it goes. The goals you do set should include both short and long term ones to cover things such as your car down payment, emergency fund, vacation, remodeling projects, and your retirement, among others.

Get Creative

Saving money can be agonizing since you keep away from the money that you would rather enjoy. Adding some twist to it can remove the agony and make it fun. Try to save in the form of a challenge, for instance, where you involve like-minded individuals and see who gets to a certain amount first.

In such a case, you will always have someone to motivate you if you feel like you cannot continue anymore and vice versa. At the end of the savings period, you will be glad that you both achieved your goal and have some money stashed away.

Some of these ways to save money on a tight budget start by sorting out your personal finances and then freeing up some money for your savings. Once you get this blend right, you should be well on your way to a good savings mindset, albeit on a budget.

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John M Lesko, Certified Financial Educator & Licensed Consultant
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