Frugal Retirement Living Tips For Older Folks

frugal retirement living

If you want to live frugally while still being happy when you retire, be sure that you know the difference between frugal and cheap. You do not have to live in substandard conditions if you are more strategic researching ways to save money. Budgeting can give you a cost-effective lifestyle in retirement without sacrificing comfort.

frugal retirement living

Pick A Lifestyle

Frugal retirement living does not have a standard set of rules since it depends on what works for you. One person may struggle with having less money while another will live a lifestyle he is quite comfortable with.

First determine where you want to live. Do you want to move from your bungalow to a smaller house? Would you prefer to move away from the city and into the countryside? Is the current climate good for you?

Thinking about where you want to live and what size home you want to live in should be the first consideration if you need to be more frugal after retirement.

Find Ways To Save

If you don’t have enough in your retirement fund, you probably cannot afford to live the same way you lived when you still had active sources of income.

Even if you do not want to move away from your big house, downsizing will save you money and you will have less to maintain. The cost of maintaining a bigger home is much higher and by downsizing, you will effectively reduce your current expenditure.

You might be sentimental about some of your possessions, but for those things you don’t really need, moving to a smaller place will allow you to sell some of these things.

Reduce your transportation costs, and if you have two cars, sell one. This is perhaps the time to invest in a newer, fuel-efficient vehicle that does not require frequent trips to the garage. Go for the smaller cars that won’t be expensive to maintain and will require less insurance.

Stay Healthy

You will need to be more cautious about what you eat during this stage of your life. Take a careful approach to your diet. Set an eating timetable that will supply you with all the nutrients you need and follow it as best you can.

Staying healthy is crucial as you get older so be sure to maintain regular checkups. If you have a Medicare plan, take advantage of the free preventive visits for yearly physicals.

Impulse buying should stop. If you buy all your supplies in bulk, you can save a good bit of money.


You do not have to subscribe to a cable TV package if you do not use it much. Downgrade to the most basic packages. Start visiting free entertainment venues such as museums and parks.

Frugal retirement living is all about enjoying your golden years while remaining financially stable. With your income limited during retirement, a few lifestyle tweaks can allow you to see out the rest of your days comfortably without getting into debt. Be realistic and plan with the amount of money you have for retirement to maintain and live a comfortable life.

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